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who am i?

well, i'm from florida, live in los angeles and i am currently sitting in a hotel room in Rancho Cordova, CA at 7:00 in the morning. i'm in my 40's, a grateful father of two and i work in the field of digital media quality control. i also have more than 20 years of experience in and around entertainment as a student, a performer and a producer. i am a work-o-holic, a perfectionist, somewhat impatient, believe in honesty, and i am an intensely private person who sometimes wears life on his sleeve. that said...

this is MY private column representing the views of myself and myself alone. they are personal views -- MY personal views. my words. my take. my tiny space in a magnormous world of technology and media with unlimited reach.

my votes. my comments. my 2ยข when i feel like giving it. it's all here. read it. ridicule it. love it. loathe it. take it or leave it. it's honest. it's open. and it's all open to honest debate.

i welcome all comments, all the time.

- C

notice: i can sometimes swear just as much as the next man, but this site is not the forum, so everything here is filtered for profanity. if you have something to say, try to say it without a potty mouth. if i must, you must.

also, i make no claim of being a COH master, especially in an ever-evolving user-oriented environment. so, before you go banishing me into cyber purgatory "for three weeks" or reporting me for violations of the code, please contact me first to make me aware of my fault...i know how to be wrong and take responsibility for my actions, and i can assure you that i have no intention of deliberately misusing my space.

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